Xuan Liu
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        The Alien series illustration is about an astronaut forgotten by earth and traveling through multiple universes and planets. Through her journey, she has changed both her appearance and her inner mind. When she finally returned to Earth, she no longer belonged there. It involved my personal feelings as a foreigner who has been far away from home for years. During the pandemic, I was unable to integrate into the new society and detached from my original community. Like this astronaut, I cast out the question of whether one can reintegrate into the homeland after being reshaped by a faraway journey.

Figure 1: Calling the Earth

Figure 2: Crashlanding on a New Planet

Figure 3: Planets’ Tree

Figure 4:Arrival to the Planet of Mazes

Figure 4: Alien Café

Figure 4: Life Experience

Figure 7: Back to Earth

Figure 8: Gazing

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