Xuan Liu
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Governors Island Residency-2022

Governors Island is a small island south of Manhattan. This summer, I spend time drawing, painting, sketching, experimenting, exhibiting works, receiving visitors, inventing games, hang with friends.


Insects Design Series


84 Rules of Days

    84 Rules of Days is an installation book of day saying collection I made in 2018. It depicts my context of life. I feel suffocation for my routine life. Each small drawing is followed by a sentence.  The number of actual small drawings is up to more than 100, of which 84 are left after I excluded the unsatisfying ones, hence the name "84 Rules of Days".


The Noodles

Dip the strips into the sauce dish, the hidden words will show.

    I record the sentences that trigger me when I had a meal with different people, some from family and some from friends. I print the line in the shape of strips and stir them together as noodles. The printed line is what they said, on the back, I used wax to write down the unspoken meaning of my understanding. It's like eating noodles, each sentence is worth chewing over and over to savor the meaning. To feel the love hidden behind.

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